Sunday, 24 September 2017

Final dip

With Swedish blood coursing through her tungsten veins, Lady Magnon threw caution to the nordic winds, and decided to have her final swim of 2017 in water temperature of about 20 C. Brrrrr.

Did I go in? Did I hell!

Today (Sunday) we close the pool. It's been cleaned, the cover is ready, and the water has had it pre-winter dose of Clor Choc.

I hate saying 'goodbye' to the pool, it'll now be about 8 or 9 months before we'll open up again for 2018.

She's OK. I stood Lady M in front of a heater; she soon melted!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Omelettes for lunch.

One Cepe and nine Parasols; not a bad start to the mushroom season. We also have a few field mushrooms in the paddock.

The lot above (or part of them) provided us with a really delicious Omelette for lunch yesterday, and I'm hoping that upcoming forays will provide a lot more.

It's still dark as I write, but I shall be out there in a couple of hours!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Nice Aussie apartment. Mermaid Beach.

I just know that you'll all be going to The Commonwealth Games on the Aussie Gold Coast in April 2018, and you'll be looking for a nice apartment. Rentals will be as scarce as hens' teeth, so best to book well in advance (now).

This sort of thing looks good. Very comfortable, all mod-cons, security, pleasant pool, and just a three minute walk from Broadbeach's fabulous beach.

Perfect for the upcoming Games, visiting Surfer's Paradise, or even for wearing your flares at Byron Bay.

Details can be found here.....

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tory Rory.

                             Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Rory Stewart"

With a leadership crisis possibly looming in the Conservative Party, may I propose Rory as a future replacement.

He may not have 'film star' looks, but he could be a rising star in other respects.

I am putting my reputation on the line, and am placing an imaginary Ten Euro note on Rory Stewart becoming leader of the Conservative Party (and therefore Prime Minister) some time in the future.

His educational credentials are exemplary. Dragon, Eton, Balliol (PPE), 2nd Lieutenant Black Watch, and several post grad' positions with the Foreign Service, including Indonesia, Montenegro, and S Iraq. Somewhere amongst all that, he also found time to write books about Iraq and Afghanistan, and tutor the young princes William and Harry. He is multi-lingual, and a member of The Athenaeum.

An MP since 2010, the 44 year old's present position is as Minister of State for International Development.

The Conservatives are top-heavy with responsible intellectuals, but Rory shines out. It's a pity one can't say the same about those Merry Marxists on the opposition benches; they would absolutely HATE Mr Stewart. His superior intellect and qualifications are everything they fight, and attempt to legislate, against. Never mention 'meritocracy' to a Socialist!

Don't let me down Rory; Ten Euros is a lot of money, even if it is simply in the ether.

In the meantime if an urgent replacement is needed for Mrs May I propose either Sir Michael Fallon, Philip Hammond, or just for fun why not the rebellious Jacob Rees-Mogg; that'll give Rory a few years for some essential extra experience.

Of course there's always Boris!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Spot the Difference.

Rotting fruit beneath a nearby Pear tree.

Absolutely nothing beneath this Walnut tree.

The effects of our late Spring frost are now being felt throughout. We have no walnuts, and very few grapes.

Normally this Walnut tree (above) would be dropping nuts by the hundreds, and as no-one gathers them there would usually be a considerable mess of crushed nuts and shells covering the road. This year the road is clear and clean.

Last Saturday I asked my Vigneron what, if any, his harvest would be, and he reckons he will produce about 35% of his usual amount.

Such is life. One never knows what's around the corner; especially in the countryside.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Los Albertos - 'Fall From Grace'.

My very favourite 'local band' are Brighton's own Los Albertos. Named after the pub' where they used to drink, and eventually formed the band (The Albert), they are a bunch of wayward, very talented, Brightonians who play great ska, klezmer, and other up-beat music. When I was living in Brighton I would often see them at the infamous Komedia Club; there was never a dull moment.

This should get the blood flowing on a cool autumn morning. Looks like it was recorded at the Komedia too.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Aunty on the Slippery Slope?

                                 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bbc"

I hear that the BBC will no longer be asking for details of 'qualifications' on a job-applicant's CV. The Socialist-heavy corporation has decided that it has too many well qualified, ex-Oxbridge intellectuals, and it needs to dumb-down and diversify.

There is, of course, good argument for employing those who are simply good at their job, but to purposefully exclude those who are also 'well educated' seems to me like cutting off one's own feet.

I have no personal knowledge of the interior workings of the BBC, but I do know that I actively prefer meritocracy to purposeful dumbing-down. Could you imagine the words 'Ivy League alumni need not apply' attached to a top-job advert in the US? Of course not!

The only person I know who worked for 'Aunty' was my old school friend AY. At school he was mostly interested in drama and the plastic arts, then went on to receive a poor degree (a Desmond) in Law from a non-Oxbridge university. He later became the Creative Director of the BBC and presented their 'Arena' arts programme. I am trying to imagine a less knowledgeable (or even a better qualified) person than A doing the job; I can't. He fitted-in into his role perfectly, and his non-Oxbridge education played little part in his obvious success.

However, finding the very best person for any job should always be the aim. Ideally people aspiring to fill the country's top positions will be well educated (at Oxbridge if needs be), have a bucket-full of common sense, and will know his/her subject inside-out.

I hope that never changes. If it does; we're lost.

The old Yorkshire ruse of shouting down a mine shaft, saying that the first eleven men up will be playing cricket for The County on Saturday, may have worked in theory; but best not try it.

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