Monday, 19 February 2018

More chips on shoulders.


I see that the left-wing Moaning Minnies have been complaining that the Winter Olympic Games are 'elitist'. Yes, 'elitist'; and they really don't like it!

They claim that it's just a bunch of Hooray Henry's and Henrietta's lording it up on the slopes at Daddy's expense. One can but wonder what these idiots will find to moan about next.

Maybe it is true that Winter's snow related sports are more to the liking of 'the middle classes', but I never hear people complaining that the Summer Games are dominated by oiks or sink-estate residents (they wouldn't dare!).

Polo players tend to be wealthy folk; do we complain?

Certain large sailing boats obviously require plenty of dosh; are we jealous?

Formula 1 racing costs an absolute bloody fortune: are we angry?.... Of course we're not!

Let's just leave people to their own sports, regardless of how rich or poor they are. The poor can amuse themselves with their Snooker, Darts, Bar Billiards, and Gurning, and the rich must be allowed to continue sailing their huge trans-Atlantic Catamarans, or Ski down mountains at breakneck speeds. What is there to be upset about?

Let's not bring political jealousy into sport; it's so bloody juvenile. Live and let live.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Bloody Furious!

One of my absolute favourite types of 'Paté', are these Rillettes de Canard. As you can probably see by the label, they are pure Duck, with 25% Breast and Liver. A true gourmet's delight in any language.

Imagine my fury when I came to open the jar above, and found that the bloody lid had already been unscrewed, the vacuum released, and the contents gone mouldy; depriving me not only of the Paté itself, but also of about €6. This stuff ain't cheap!

I've heard about idiots going round shops taking the tops off jars. It really is a stupid, pointless, exercise, and should be severely dealt with. 

In the same ilk, I have personally seen people opening sweet packets, taking one out, and eating it; another appalling crime.

I'd really been looking forward to my luxury Rillettes, only for them to end-up in the bin.


Saturday, 17 February 2018


                                Image associée

I heard a most disturbing fact recently; that there is a definite link between literacy and longevity.

It seems that if you are male and hail from Stockton-on-Tees (County Durham, N E England), you have a good chance of being illiterate; you also face the possibility of living for 26 years less that a male born in North Oxford, where literacy is at it highest.

If you are female and born in literacy-challenged Burnley (Lancashire), you can expect to live 21 years less than a similar woman from Mayfield, E Sussex.

Just imagine; you sacrifice over 20 years of your life simply because you can't read or write (or at least not too well).

I found this the most appalling indictment of how location/education can affect one's life.

So, the moral must be; make sure your children READ, presumably it will give them a longer life!

If you find this as unbelievable as I did?  Have a look here.

I have repeated many times. My two basic essentials for child-rearing are a good story at night, and sitting around a table together for meals. Get these right, and you'll have well balanced, literate, long-lived, children.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Doppelganger No 55 (a).

A painter Circa 2004.

An old grey-bearded semi-retired grizzly painter Circa 2018.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

My weakness (es).

I have to admit to being an addict; I'm addicted to Pork Scratchings.

They have to be those big fatty ones; the ones that are really bad for you.

Duck Scratchings are available here (Grattons de Canard), but they are small and often feathery, and not at all what I'm after.

I blame Amazon. Now that one can buy just about anything at the click of a button, I cannot stop myself from ordering wonderful 'Mr Scratchings' multi-packs. They arrive just a couple of days later in packs of 12.

I also ordered myself two dozen 200gm tins of Ma Ling Pickled Cabbage. It's a type of Chinese Kimchi, to which I am also addicted. Fermented cabbage is very good for you, so I'm hoping that the benefits of the one will counteract the detriments of the other. Yin and Yang, etc.

When god was handing out 'taste buds', he must have given me a very special set!

p.s. I used to be addicted to Maynard's Wine Gums, but I went to re-hab.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

St Val's (Jock's) Day.


Happy birthday Jock.

Jock Veitch. 1928-2009. My old mate; see Google.

But most importantly, Happy St Val's Day to Lady Magnon; seen here (below) with birthday boy Jock.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

No man is an island.

Life can be quite a sad old business sometimes.

Even though for the majority of the time I feel like singing hallelujah; there are occasions (especially in Winter) when I feel quite 'down'.

We all have our sadnesses, they are an essential part of living. A well-loved pet dies, our parents desert us, our children leave home and concentrate on their own lives. Life is peppered with events that leave us feeling empty. None of us is immune.

That overused old adage 'Life is not a dress rehearsal', has been at the back of my mind ever since I was quite small, and I have heeded its message attentively. But now that I'm slowing down somewhat, I am pleased to be able to ignore it. I have time to look back over the decades, and see them more clearly. I'm also over all the urgency, the panic, and the responsibilities. I can now sit back, relax, and watch as others make their own mistakes (just as I did).

In John Donne's poem (of my title) he reminds us not to ask 'for whom the bell tolls', because as we all know, it will eventually toll for us.

Could we have done more? Of course we could.

Could we have been kinder to our fellow man? Of course we could.

Could we eventually have left the world a much better place? Yes again.

It's cold, we've had some snow, it's damp, and Winter is really getting on my nerves!

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